I want to be a Mentor


The lean investment investor is a professional, senior executive or entrepreneur who wants to invest in startup companies and become actively involved in the management of the startups.

How can I invest?

The Lean Investment team will present to you a minimum of 8 investments each year.

These investments will have been analysed by our specialised team and will meet a list of requirements, of which the most important are:

  • Innovative and Competitive Business Model
  • Attractive Potential Market
  • Solid Management Team
  • Co-investment from other investors and/or funds

You also have the option to participate in two annual classroom/online workshops: one covering Business Angel training and another looking at investment project analysis. Membership also includes admission to our Annual Networking Event.

As a partnering Mentor you will have access to our Mentoring Techniques course. As a Mentor you will also be entitled to an additional percentage of the company.

You decide if you want to invest and how much, with a minimun of € 1,000 per company. If you decide to invest, we take care of everything and you don´t even need to go and see a notary (cannot be a guaranteed in all cases).

The annual mentor membership fee is only €900.


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